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Landscape Gallery


Richmond Park in April

Oil on Panel 40cm x 25cm

Part of my Richmond Park Project where I paint the park every month for a year. This is a view looking east close to Kingston Gate.

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Richmond Park March 21.jpg

Wildlife Gallery


Little Owl

Acrylic and Coloured Pencil on Claybord 30cm x 20cm


This Little Owl painting was selected as the front cover Art for the SAA's September 2020 Paint Magazine and the Croydon Art Society's 2021 Calendar.

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Still Life Gallery


Pewter Jug and Limes

Oil on Panel 40cm x 40cm

I have a love of old pewter I really like the way the light falls on it and all the dents and pits you get with age.

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Pewter and Limes.jpg

Misc Gallery


Steam Locomotive Detail

Pen and Ink on Paper 50cm x 40cm

Detail of a Steam Train using only ink dots.

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